Cubase, we need to talk about Audio Connections...


I have two studios with different setups (both using C10) I take projects back and forth and Cubase decides its smart to take along the audio connection settings, this means that when opening the project in studio two, the inputs/outputs from studio one overwrites the inputs/outputs in studio two.
what is even more annoying is that all the External FX is disconnected form their inputs/outputs!!

Is there a way to make this usable?, what about having Audio Connections/External FX follow the machine, NOT the project.


Yes it’s a bit messy and it has been talked about and criticized here on the forums.

Are you able to create connections presets?

Yes, but it is a hassle and unnecessary. I need to delete the external fx, and add them one by one, and there is alot.
also need to delete the inputs/outputs and setup again. so everytime!
and I had some new external fx that i forgot making favs of, so yeah…

I know your pain

you might be better off using ‘Import Tracks from Project’

So you have a Cubase template for each of your studio rooms. then one bringing one into the other room, you ‘Import Tracks from Template’ into a sort of template you’ve designed to facilitate the move.

Presets don’t work for External FX then? I find that they work really well for ins and outs.

one at a time