Cubase will monitor CC/PB from controller but not record it


I have this cool MIDI ring controller prototype that was sent to me. The ring transmits pitch bend and CC and let’s you play the keys more expressively using hand gestures. For instance, you can play a note and move your finger from side to side to create vibrato - it’s really fun. The final product will be wireless, even though the prototype isn’t.

Unfortunately I can’t get it to work properly in Cubase 8.5. Cubase will RECEIVE all the pitch bend and CC messages from the ring, I can hear all the modulation when playing and see the values changing on screen. However, when I hit record on a MIDI track - none of those changes are recorded (even if I create a MIDI track that has the ring selected as it’s only input, on all channels). I don’t have PB or any CC filtered in the MIDI settings either.
It’s really strange.

Here’s a video I made for the ring’s creators demonstrating the issue (they have no experience with Cubase though):

Any ideas how to fix this? I should add that I’m on a Macbook Pro running El Capitan.


Any difference if you try to record with the Key Editor window closed? After recording, right click the track and select “Show Used Automation”.

Nope, no difference. Still doesn’t record anything.