Cubase will not fully close

I am unable to fully close Cubase. Even the task manage can not manually close Cubase. I must log out as a user, which kill all open user applications. Most of the app disappears except an empty frame as seen in the attached image.

One theory for this could be a corrupted Preferences file.

How do I reset it back to default and rebuild it properly? Thanks.

One way do experiment and take according action is outlined in the manual: Disabling the Preferences

I have this bug/issue when closing C11 after having a project open with a large number of vst instruments (particularly many instances of kontakt 6). My experiments revealed that if I switch to a blank project before quitting cubase it shuts down fine and doesn’t hang. Might be worth trying if you have any VSTs. I suspect it is a bug with unloading memory.

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The instructions cite: Alt/Opt-Shift for PC. There is no Opt on a standard PC keyboard. All the combinations I tried failed. I was able to select which program to open from a new to me dialog box.

What is the correct combination of keys to press prior to clicking the start up icon?

it is a commonly used abbreviation to mean:

  • if you are using Windows, press the Alt and Shift keys
  • if you are using MacOS, press the Opt and Shift keys

Not on my WinX 20H2. Instead that combination opens the editor for the desktop icon.

Step 2 means:

  • Open Cubase (e.g. double click on the icon)
  • and immediately after doing that press and hold down the 3 keys: Ctrl, Alt, Shift

Working fine on my Win10 (20H2) with Cubase Pro 11.0.10