Cubase Win 10 - New Midi API implementation

Are there any plans to implement the “new” Windows 10 Midi API into Cubase.
Btw. released 2016 and was still implemented into Sonar with Version 2017.03.

This would fix some issues with current Midi implementation - so hopefully in Cubase 11 then…
*Supports Bluetooth LE MIDI (BLE-MIDI) protocol
*Handles multi-client access to MIDI ports
*Much simpler API to use overall

From OS compatibility side there should be no problem because latest Win 10 is a base requirement for latest Cubase versions.
And why asking for latest Win 10 requirement when not using the new APIs from Win 10?

I too would be interested to know this, however Cubase devs in the past have not been very forthcoming on technical details (for example, questions as to whether LTB support in Cubase will continue). Pete Brown himself has been on here from time to time so perhaps he might bump this. BLE-MIDI in particular would be very useful.

Multi Client MIDI ports…ah. LoopMIDI is certainly fine, but a native implementation would be much better indeed.

The problems would mostly come from drivers that don’t implement the new API. For example, if your interface driver is not being updated by its manufacturer, then from the Steinberg perspective there are two choices: go Windows 10 API exclusively and have thousands of users complain that their MIDI interfaces no longer work, or just don’t bother as there’s nothing broken here that needs fixing; I suspect the latter is the preferred option, at least for the moment.

Drivers don’t have to be rewritten. The program has to use the new API, that is it.