Cubase Windows 10

Hey there,

I’m new to all this music production stuff and am trying to find out if I can use a separate sound card / audio driver to output sound from Cubase? If I have no programs open that use audio I can run Cubase fine and get output from it, if however I have anything that uses my audio device / driver open (MuseScore, YouTube, Skype, VLC etc…) I am unable to get any output from Cubase. Is there a way to setup Cubase to use a separate audio device / driver other than the one that my other applications would be using? Would buying an external sound card / audio controller sort this issue? Or is some other fix required? I hope this makes sense.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.


Studio>Studio Setup>VST Audio System:

check / un-check “Release Driver when Application is in Background” to see if either fixes your issue.

If you have more than one soundcard / driver you can in this very same section select the one for Cubase to use on the very top next to “ASIO Driver”

hth, cheers,