Cubase windows lose focus if I click outside

This is extremely annoying.

I just installed C7.5.4 fresh recently on my new OS drive (win 7 x64). When I click outside Cubase the plugins that were open disappear. Even media bay, etc. disappears. This makes drag and drop practically impossible, to another VST.

Please let me know what the solution is! It used to work fine in this exact computer before the clean install. I have a new graphics card with latest drivers.


Disable Always on top of the plug-in/MediaBay window, please.

Hi Martin - If I do that it puts the window within my cubase project window. I have three monitors. I’d like the sequencer to have its own monitor and everything else on the second monitor.


If you have this settings, the (plug-in) window is hidden, once you click the project window. But, if you have the (plug-in) window open, click to the another application (outside of Cubase; like Explorer/Finder), the plug-in window stays visible and on top, so you can drag-and-drop to this window.

Did you think to use Workspaces in Cubase?