Cubase with 5.1 headphones

I need to produce multichannel audio (5.1 or more) in a mobile setup based on MacbookPro and Cubase.
Of course I know it’s not as a real loudspeakers setup, however was thining to use a Sony MDR-HW700DS.
But i can’t understand if that solution Cubase/MacbookPro/MDR-HW700DS can work togheter. anyone as tested with cubase or other professional audio software?
Thanks a lot

Waves NX?

on example take this ( freeware, but professional quality ):

Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio Headphones Plugin

Thanks to both of you.
I am trying the NX demo version. Unfortunately the simulation is really poor, even after head measurement and proper setting. I was also trying without camera tracking, for a less demanding dsp, but the back simulation is just a dream. It seems that a general hrtf do not allow a reliable application.
The Beyer plugin is not better. I suppose any other hardware solution as the sony headphones cannot be much better.
Anyone tested connecting a consumer audio 5.1 loudspeaker system to the macbookPro via HDMI?
of course I mean the connection compatibility, not the quality.