Cubase with Boss GT100

Hi there

I wonder if someone can help me please…

I am using Cubase Artist 6.5. I have been using Steinberg CI2 as my audio interface and have never had a problem.

However, I recently upgraded my effects pedal to a Boss GT100. This also has an onboard audio interface and connecting in this way, via USB gives a much cleaner signal than using audio leads.

I’ve got no problems connecting the Boss to Cubase and recording is no problem. Once I’ve recorded all my guitar parts, I switch back over to my CI2 and do my vocals.

Now, if I then want to switch back to the Boss, say, to do some guitar overdubs, all of the stuff I’ve recorded using the Boss has pitch shifted down by about 2 semitones.

Is this to do with sample rates? is the problem with the Boss? It’s driving me crazy.

The onboard tuner of the Boss also seems to be set to c480hz rather than 440, so I have to compensate with all my vsts - is this a connected problem?

Any help would be much appreciated as I’d really like to just switch between the two with no issues.


Yes this depends on different sample rate settings of your interfaces. I guess one is set to 44100 and the other to 48000 kHz.

Check the driver settings in cubase device settings.