Cubase with Korg NanoKontrol2

I have Cubase 11, Windows 11 Pro, Mackir Pro FX16V3 as the interface. I bought a Korg NanoKontrol2.
Cubase does not see the Nano.
It shows up in Device Manager, and there is a ‘ding’ every time I plug it in, so it is connected to the PC.

It does not show up in Cubase at all though. I set up a new Mackie Control device in Studio Setup, and Nano does not appear on the drop-down to connect it.
I just got a Behringer X Touch One as well, and that works like a charm.

I have now read 4 (!) different things I am supposed to do re connecting the cable from the Nano to the PC

hold down SET and PLAY while plugging the cable in

            SET and Marker Left

            SET and REW

            SET, REW and FF

Korg is blaming Cubase.

Aargh. What else can I do?

Sorry, I now read it’s for the nano2 you’re asking.
Check this:

Falsely. Korg MIDI drivers are notoriously iffy.

I’m in the middle of moving my studio and when I plugged in my Nano, Korg’s own application to configure it couldn’t find the device although Windows saw it. The problem occurs when the Korg device gets assigned to a Windows MIDI device number greater than midi9. You can see this using Korg’s MIDI Driver Uninstall Utility.

Mine was set to midi10 and I had to edit the Registry to set it to midi2.


Here’s a video on how to fix it.

I noticed the guy who made the video has a newer version on the same topic. In it he says the Korg driver that was current when he made the video resolves the problem. That wasn’t the case here. The first thing I did (about a week ago) was get the latest driver but I still had to edit the Registry to fix it. Anyway here’s the newer video.

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Is such things still happening in 2023? :slight_smile:
Oh well, maybe in the end Korg will directly blame Windows :slight_smile: