Cubase with RME HDSPe MADI + TotalMix

I’m using Cubase Pro 8.5 with the RME HDSPe MADI, monitoring through TotalMix when tracking. When I flip from TotalMix to the Cubase screen there’s usually a small interruption in the audio - no interruption in the recording, just in monitoring, but it comes thru both my monitors and the headphone send, being driven by the TotalMix out. Any ideas about what causes this? Not catastrophic, but irritating!

Is anyone else using Cubase with the HDSPe?



I’m not using MADI but HDSP PCI card with TotalMix. Switching between TotalMix, DIGICheck and Cubase causes no interruptions here.

Have you remembered to disable direct monitoring in Cubase Device Setup ?

not a MADI user but still hdspe… no issues here either.

I’m using RME HDSPe MADIFX with Cubase 7.5 & 8.5 on Windows 7 & 10.
No problems here - everything working correctly.

No issues here either with madiFX

What OS and graphics card are you using?