Cubase with Sibelius

Can i talk about Sibelius on here?!

Many Classical competitions, commissions etc require scores on Sibelius.

Does it work with/alongside Cubase 7.5?

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more of a tech support forum but might answer some questions.

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Cubase can export MusicXML 1.1, and Sibelius can import that.

Experiment with it so you can see what the limitaions are. For example, certain symbols from the Cubase palettes will not transfer over. Search this forum for MusicXML, there are a couple threads.

Thanks for the help…it seems a bit of a fiddle annoyingly, but will see

In the past I’ve always worked in Cubase, then exported via MIDI to make a score in Sibelius; with a bit of care (i.e. getting note lengths and quantizing right) with the MIDI data will translate well to Sibelius and make the workflow pretty quick, but it does of course mean a “feature freeze” in your composition after doing so, or repeating work. A good score editor for Cubase would of course be the way forward, but I’ve largely given up hope of that ever happening for projects that need the kind of thing that Sibelius does well.

Thanks dj
Unsure what you mean about the ‘feature freeze’ sentence…?

So if i get Sibelius, can i do all the midi work in cubase, export somehow and then work in Sibelius?
Once in Sibelius, can the notes be changed?

Yes, i have struggled with the cubase score for months and it continues to be challenging. I still cannot change the overall page layout and get the staves nicely spaced on the page etc!

Hi Violet

What I mean is that if you export from Cubase you can alter in Sibelius, but if you wanted to make significant changes in Cubase, you would then have to re-export the MIDI and re-do any work you’d done in Sibelius. I’m far happier working in Cubase than Sibelius for composition/editing, so when I was doing a fair bit of this sort of work I used to ensure the composition was roughly what it needed to be before starting the scoring process. Sometimes, though, you have a client who changes their mind and makes a lot more work.

But yes, working in Sibelius is a lot better - it’s a proper/dedicated score creation package. Cubase’s score editor is OK for producing rough lead sheets quickly, but I find it too clunky and imprecise when working for people who are demanding about their scores’ appearance.

So, you could do all your MIDI work in Cubase, get the composition sounding the way you wanted it to. Then you can export the MIDI file from Cubase, and import that into Sibelius and work on the score from there. You can work on the notes in Sibelius (and indeed edit to your heart’s content) and produce your score from there.

This makes one wonder what happened to the Steinberg (Yamaha) team that was supposedly developing a new score program for commercial release.

Several years ago Avid dropped (laid off) the entire Sibelius development team in London and shortly thereafter Steinberg (Yamaha) picked them up with the intent to develop a new scoring program that would be compatible with Cubase, maybe even incorporated directly into Cubase, but I haven’t seen anything from Daniel (Sibelius team spokes person) in a very long time so I don’t know if they are still working away on it or if it has been dropped or anything about what is going on with it. I had high hopes for awhile but now I simply don’t know if anything will ever happen with it.


It only makes you wonder if you haven’t checked out the blog Daniel Spreadbury is writing at or the other posts on this board talking about it. :wink:

I check it out about once a year… :wink:

Thanks so much for detailed reply dj. I’m at the point of getting Sibelius now…
My other thought was - can you score something quickly and easily in Sibelius and then import back into cubase to do a full better production that doesn’t necessarily need a score? ie. the other way round to what we were talking about?

I am going to check out that blog Steve!

Also - i’m going to post my latest contemporary classical track soon. It’s been a nightmare to score, especially drums!

Hi Violet

Yes, you can save as a MIDI file (which will contain all the note information for each instrument in the Sibelius score as a separate track when imported into Cubase) and then do all the production you want in Cubase - as you say, the reverse. Both programs can import/export MIDI files so they can communicate note information between them quickly and easily.

Is it me, or is there a facility to write complex drum notation on cubase score?
Not just a grand stave or individual single staves but actual notation for percussion??

I am guessing not, possibly another reason to have to get sibelius…


See p. 883 in the manual: Scoring for Drums.

While we’re here… can anyone tell me why My Sibelius follows my Cubase with rewire about a 1/4 beat out of time. Is there an offset setting somewhere?