cubase won't control euphonix artist series


I’ve followed the advice from Steinberg and installed Cubase 6 followed by EuCon and finally EuCon adapter for Cubase 6 and all seems fine.

The EuCon control panel sees both my MC Mix and MC Control, and I’ve added EuCon in the device setup of Cubase 6.

However, neither of my artist series seem remotely interested in controlling anything within Cubase. The applkication button will switch in and out of Cubase, but neither the faders or any other part of the controllers seem to have any effect or indeed be recognised by Cubase.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be gratefully received,

many thanks,


Hello Merrlyn,

Which operating system do you use? Do you have more than one network cards/adapters installed on your computer? (e.g. a wi-fi internet connection and a ethernet network connection)


I’m using windows 7 pro 64-bit, but as I’m a Reason user I’m running the 32-bit version of Cubase 6.

My main network for the house comes through to a belkin switch in my office which connects to another PC (normally off) my main PC and the MC Mix and MC Control. The EuCon software on the PC sees both Artist controllers and the application button on each will switch between other pieces of software. I can even drive internet explorer quite adequately from the MC Control.

My PC has its wireless conection switched off and two Ethernet ports of which I’m only using one to connect to the switch.

hope tis is enough info,


Hello Merrlyn,

Just to be sure - did you follow these instructions:

Hi, thanks for your help so far . . .

Last night I uninstalled all the EuCon software and the Cubase adapter restarted and re-installed in the order laid out in the document. (Although I’m pretty sure that’s what I did last time - but thought it best to check)

So . . . on my Win7 64bit OS - Cubase 6 32bit already installed , reinstalled Eucon 64bit software, checked that EuCon connects with MC Mix and Control - RESTARTED - Installed Cubase 6 32bit adapter - RESTARTED - added EuCon in the device setup and then restarted Cubase

At this point the faders will all snap to zero on the artist controllers when a project loads (some of the time) but then do nothing from that point onwards, and my MC Control doesn’t seem to now have any of the cubase menus on the screen either.

I’m sure I’m missing something incredably simple but at this point I’m completely stumped.


Hi Merrlyn,

Could you please try deactivating your wi-fi card, reboot your computer and try to see if now the McMix works in Cubase? This could help narrow the problem.

Hey Guys

:bulb: Seems like, this is a Windows firewall/UAC related problem…
@Merrlyn, could you please try to adjust your windows firewall’s setting as well as the “User Account Control” settings? If those features have not been disabled, try to disable them or at least make them to the lowest possible setting and try your EuCon setup again after restarting your systems. It should probably solve the problem that you are experiencing.

Good luck!


Hi Merrlyn, the UAD settings should be set like shown
in the attachment. Please look into it and change your
settings according to that. best regards, Tino
UserAccountControlSetting - adjustment !.png

Hi Tino,

sorry for the delay in replying but with a few projects and deadlines pending I’ve had to put this on the back burner for a while.

However, having some time on my hands this week I’ve really had a good go at setting it all up again, and the first thing I did was update to the 6.04 version of Cubase before re-installing both the Eucon software and then the Eucon adapter for Cubase and for some unknown reason . . . . it all works! No change from anything I did last time (not that I can think of anyway) apart from the Cubase update.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions along the way,