Cubase won't open w/out USB elicenser

Hi there, SO, new to Cubase. Spent $500. on the program, everytime I try to open it it says there’s no license. I registered my product. It does open whenI insert the USB, but what happens if I go somewhere and forget the usbv? I’ll be in trouble. I saw another post stating the license either lives on your computer OR on the USB. Is there a way to transfer the license from the USB to my laptop so it’s always there? Thank you!

I am not sure how Steinberg solves it. I haven’t seen online licence management yet.

I know that Avid had an option to transfer your licence to the cloud, so you didn’t need the iLok. Tbf, I would be glad if Steinberg found a solution for that because those USB keys they sell are pretty flimsy!

Thanks for your reply. It’s a lot of money to spend not to have a licene built in adter registering. They need to work this out. I’ll kepp you poste; can’t reahc anyone there til Monday… so that’s not great, either!

There is nothing to “work out”. You need the USB-eLicenser plugged in whenever you are using Cubase (Artist and Pro).

It sounds like you should have done a little more research before purchasing.

Countless threads already exist about this topic.

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I’ve never forgotten my dongle anywhere it’s always in my jeans. Take it with you everywhere show off your wealth!

Steinberg told me there’s no way to do it. I can’t have to worry about this tiny little fob when I’m travelling and trying to do work. I feel everyone who buys this product should complain and demand a software update to remedy this solution.

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Yeah but my new macbook pro doesn’t have a usb… sooo… this means I also have to make sure I have the right adapter… this is NOT right when I’ve spent so much money… Steinberg should license my computer like all other programs!

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I don’t agree… and perhaps you should keep your “research” comments to yourself… you don’t know me, your judgment of me isn’t necessary and mostly, NOT helpful or positive, which is the point of these forums.

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Steinberg says no way to open without their USB, which folks call a dongle… I’m saying all who don’t appreciate this feature should complain… Steinberg will make a change only when it’s made clear to them that their customers want and expect it.

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Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know new macbooks don’t have usbs :scream: what do they have lightning connections? They should make lightning port dongles maybe a smaller one too so it’s low profile…

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Hi. New Macbook pros have USB-C ports only.

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Wow yeah and with an adapter this thing becomes too long and causes trouble like might accidently break it with your hand…

Not if you get one with a cable like


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I mean, I like that my licence is on a dongle because I can take it wherever I go. I have one computer at home in London and one in my home town. I just take the dongle with me and I can work with Cubase straight away.

So it works for me but yeah, it can be painful if you travel with your laptop a lot. I would suggest getting the adapter for now and let’s see what Steinberg does. Having a dongle is a physical representation of my licence - I don’t need to be connected to the internet, I don’t need to log in etc.

I haven’t judged you, as far as I am aware. I’m just stating the facts. Sometimes the truth is painful.

In case you haven’t read many posts on these forums (or the previous two versions), I have been plenty helpful and positive to many others. Some appreciate it, some don’t. Such is life. Anyway, I’m sorry you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Everyone who buys this product certainly has a right to “complain and demand”. The fact that the majority of customers don’t should give you some insight into why I replied the way I did.