Cubase wont pickup low volume recordings

Hello, I am new to cubase and am having some trouble recording my vocals. The guitar records fine but when I record the vocals, they wont register until I am singing pretty loud. When I use the Vocal FX Distorted track setting it will pick it up, however if I use the normal Male Voice setting it wont pickup low volumes. I have tried adjusting the first setting in the equalizer all the way down to 20 hz, but it didnt make a difference. I am recording usin g a scarlet focusrite mixer and the scarlett studio cm25 mic. Thank you

Have you adjusted the “Gain” control (that is associated with the input you are using) on the mixer? You didn’t specify exactly what mixer you have or what OS and CB version you are using so… it’s tough for anyone to give specific advice.

Also, try to get this baby recording without using any VST effect or equalizer first. After that then start messing around adding effects and such.

Regards :sunglasses: