Cubase won't run using dual Ultralite audio interfaces..

So according to the manual for the Motu Ultralite Mk3 audio interface, I/O capacity can be doubled by connecting 2 interfaces via Firewire - the only requirements being that they are connected to the same bus, and cannot be bus powered.

So I’m running a pair of them side-by-side, powered by their own mains adaptors, and as far as I’m aware, my PC only has one F/W bus. Windows continues to play sounds quite merrily, but Cubase crashes on loading every single time.

Is there something I’m missing somewhere, or is it simply the case that two Motu Ultralites can be daisy-chained to double I/O capacity unless one is using Cubase, which adds its own rules?

yes only daisy chained. windows cannot handle more than one interface at a time…motu–>motu–>daw

motu#1 f/w -> motu#2 f/w(1) -> motu#2 f/w(2) -> pc f/w - 16 audio i/o and 2 midi i/o with the driver configured correctly