Cubase wont start after 12.0.40 update: Skin file “skin” not found!

OK, so my Cubase Pro 12.0.30 had been mostly OK apart from the odd thing I was not sure if it was me or the application.
However, I applied the new 12.0.40 update via the download assistant.
Now on attempting to start, I get two error boxes:

Skin file “skin” not found!
Could not load GUI Resources!

Then it just exits, so is 100% dead in the water.
I run reinstall from the downloader, and same results. Rebooted: no change.
I have not attempted a full uninstall followed by putting it back. Kind of don’t want to do that, and maybe fight will all the setups, including Control Room and setting all the input and output ports etc again from defaults.
Win 10 21H2, Intel i5 based PC. 32 GB ram. 1 SSD C: drive. Nothing very special.


Reinstall the update and make sure, you install it as administrator, please.

OK. I manually downloaded the installer, rather than using the download manager.
Running as Admin gives me a few more options, so giving that a try.

OK, doing that and picking the “Reinstall choice” for the core Cubase, but not all the other bits, seems to have worked.
It now loads again, no error, and seems to have kept my settings and Control Room and audio interface etc setups. Focisrite 2i4, so never enough inputs and outputs but its getting me by for the moment.