Cubase won't start play

hey folks not sure if this is a known bug but i’ve been suffering with this on Mac OS Big Sur, and now its the same since I upgraded to Monterey, basically I press play and nothing happens, it just won’t start moving the playhead or incrementing the time readout. Here’s a quick video showing it. Any advice much appreciated! -

Okay so there IS a video but I can’t show it to you because the forum doesn’t allow for links?! so you’ll just have to take my description above.

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Do you use internal Sync? Isn’t the External Sync enabled by any chance?

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply, not sure but good point it does mention when i start up that my midi port is not assigned maybe its trying to resolve that, do you know where that setting is?


This is not linked.

It seems, you were using other MIDI Ports, which are not available, now. Like hardware synths, you don’t own anymore.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak I tried disable preferences safe mode, no difference unfortunately. I also deleted the midi in track and checked sync, they both seem to be set to internal on cubase Studio setup and my focusrite settings. Any other ideas please?

Ok v strange but I figured something out. My playhead is before the work area, and if I put it inside it, it plays fine. Any reason it wouldn’t play when set outside it? see screenshot here


The cursor jumps to bar 1. Your selection starts at bar 2. This is totally OK.

I see, these are Instrument tracks. What instrument did you use? Is the instrument installed? Is it up to date? Is the library installed?