Cubase worsen the quality of audio

I’ve got a trouble. When I render the audio it’s got bitrate 705. If I record audio from mic in Reaper it’s got bitrate 2116. Why?

And this problem is not the problem of finished rendered audio track. It’s the problem on the stage of recording. If I take the file from the pool it’s got the same bitrate - 705. So cubase “downgrades” the bitrate at the moment of recording.

No… the bitrate means nothing in this context…

Why do you record 16bit/44.1kHz?
What is your setting in Reaper? 24bit/48kHz?

set Cubase to the same…

Yes. I’m sorry. It was my fault. In Reaper I chose stereo, that’s why it was 2116. Buе the thing is the bitrate should bу higher with my mic “Rode NT1-A” how told me mix mixing engineer. And if you record audio with your mic and render it what bitrate will you get eventually?

Whatever I set my project too…