Cubase10 crashing when attempting Arranger track flattening

Cubase10 crashing when attempting Arranger track flattening! :frowning: (cubase 10.0.40 on Windows10)
it produced an error message saying the usual “A serious error happened, save your project with a new name and restart the program”, etc…
I was able to save even though it didn’t show the “flattened” result of the operation. It crashed (disappeared totally) just as I clicked save. However, to my surprise, after I restarted the program, the saved version was there and I loaded it. To my even greater surprise the project now showed the flattened arrangement complete tracks and it played without problems. I repeated the flattening operation in other different new projects and it all happened again exactly as described above… :exclamation:


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Thanks for your reply, here’s the crash dump file:
Cubase Artist 64bit 2019.11.4 (770 KB)