I have a problem with upgrading from 11 to 12 Cubase, can you teach me how to upgrade?

Cubase 11 “?” to Cubase 12 “?” …

Which version are you talking about and what is the exact problem?

Cubase Artist 11

Okay. So, what is the problem?

I wanted an update that appears to me like this

You need to connect your USB-eLicenser which contains the appropriate license.

How do I need to purchase a part? USB connection

If you don’t have an USB-eLicenser you need to buy one. Earlier you could buy it in the Steinberg online shop, but it seems you need to find a dealer now. You can find it here:

A couple of other helpful links:

@alhajri says he owns Cubase Artist 13. Did he lose his USB key? Hopefully he is using a translating tool so he can understand what’s being said here.

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