Cubase11 is stuck in the vst3 scanning interface

System: win10

Cubase version: 11

Problem Description: after installing cubase11, it works normally. After a period of time, when starting Cubase, it is always stuck in the vst3 scanning interface. This problem has appeared twice. The first solution is to redo the computer system. Please help solve it.

After renaming the vst3 directory according to the forum, it is still stuck in this interface.

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Who did adviced this? I can’t believe somebody told you that… Maybe preferences folder? That’s different…
First of all, update Cubase to the latest build…

I have updated the software to the latest version, but the problem still exists. Vst3 folder, no matter renaming or deleting the files in it, this problem has not been solved.

Hi longriver5999
So in the Program - Common Files - VST3 folder you now only have stock Cubase 11 plugins and it still hangs at scanning VST3 plugins ?
No other 3 party plugin is installed as a VST3 ?

Try starting Cubase in Safe mode. Double click the Cubase icon and right after you press and hold Shift-CTRL- ALT and then you tick the option under Plugins - Deactivate all third party plugins then press OK and see what happens.

According to the operation you said, Cubase 11 can start normally after disabling the third-party plug-in. However, when it is turned off and started again, it will still be stuck in the interface of scanning vst3 plug-in. In my vst3 folder, no third-party plug-ins are installed, but all the plug-ins provided by Cubase 11 are installed.

Why did you deleted all plugin files?
This broke your entire installation…
VST3 plugins are registered in the system… any file operation in VST3 folders will break working solutions.
The VST2 plugins are different, they are not registered in the system and can get organized with sub folders but this is not adviced with VST3.

Yes, that is because it doesn’t search for them anymore, after restart it will search again for them, they are still registered in the system…

Where do you get this advice here in the forum? If so, this must be deleted

Well if safe mode loads up we know that the VST3 folders are broken and if you have done this

i recommend an uninstall of Cubase , Restart computer and install it again. Easiest way of fixing this.

This is simply wrong
if Cubase is starting with the save-mode-screen you can rename the preferences to force Cubase to build a new set of preferences…
This does not include the VST3 folders… these folders are system wide, they are the general installation folders of VST3 plugins and these plugins get used by other host software as well

If it loads when VST3 is not loaded and dont when loaded you can make an own conclusion whats broken. I would uninstall and reinstall cubase.

Den lör 8 jan. 2022 19:23Steffen via Steinberg Forums <> skrev:

Yeah of course… a plugin

What is senseless in most cases… uninstall the plugin would be the better solution…

We know already that on some systems problems from assorted vendors exist, most of them mention these problems on their sites including workarounds

I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. The problem still exists. My previous solution was to reinstall the system. The problem can be solved temporarily, but the same problem will occur after a long time of use. I want to know how to make the software start without scanning vst3 folder, otherwise it will get stuck in this scanning interface every time.

You should uninstall the broken plugin… not Cubase

This behavior is introduced through a broken plugin (or bad designed) or a missing license file for one of the plugins… you really should find that one…

To me it sounds like you have a third-party VST3 plugin installed and depending on how many, it could take a while to uninstall one at the time to see if it scans past the VST3 scanning in Cubase.

My computer has never installed any third-party plug-ins, only cubase11.

In the picture its correct that it only shows the stock plugins. But i think you are looking at the path in Windows that are: C:\Program\Steinberg\Cubase 11\VST3. 3rd party vst3 plugins usually installs to this path: Program - Common Files - VST3. Check that out aswell.

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It currently takes me over 4 minutes for the VST3 scan to complete, even in safe mode.

I can’t think of a reason why.

I take this thread because I just installed Cubase 11 but I have two VST3 directories:

. Program - Steinberg - Cubase 11 - VST3:
Cubase plugins are installed in this folder

. Program - Common Files - VST3:
third-party plugins are installed in this folder

Is it normal to have these two folders?

Thank you for your answers !