Cubase11 VCA fader issue

I’m using Cubase11 with Win10/64bit/ intel i7 6700 / 32gb ram

Recently I found out that using ‘Add VCA fader to Selected Channels’ occurs a malfunction when I change the Tempo or beat counts.

For instance,
If I set ‘Add VCA fader to Selected Channels’ with 3 tracks: GT1/GT2/GT3
And the volume fader of each track was 0/0/0.

All three tracks’ volume amount follows as I draw if I change the VCA fader,

But ifI CHANGE THE TEMPO(bpm 120->100) OR BEAT COUNTS(4/4 → 6/8) in the middle of the project, suddenly the whole three(GT1/GT2/GT3) tracks’ volume value changed to a random value.
This issue doesn’t show up always. It shows up randomly, But quite often.

Is there anybody who encounters the same issue as me?
If so, how’s you solve this issue?


Could you provide a project, where does it happen, please?

Thanks for the reply. Since the project was a paid job, I can’t show the project due to confidentiality. Please bear with this!
But overall, as I mentioned above, the VCA’s malfunction shows up when I change the TEMPO or beat count.

Just like the example above, if I set 3 audio tracks (GT1/ GT2/ GT3) to VCA fader.
Each volume knobs were 0/0/0.
But when I change the TEMPO or beat count, then suddenly each tracks’ volume knob changes to random values like 6.02/ -1,5 / 3

The ironic thing is each tracks’ volume value itself changed parallelly.
So if I correct each tracks’ very first area of volume value, it returns to where I set up.
Hopefully, you can understand my description.


I have tried this.

If the VCA channel is in the Musical time base, the VCA automation Nodes don’t move, if you change the tempo.

If the VCA channel is in the Linear time base, the VCA automation Nodes move, but different than the audio events.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply!

I just checked my VCA fader and belonged audio tracks whether they’re Musical mode or Linear Mode.

But they were all Musical Mode unfortunately as you can see my uploaded piece of the screenshot here.

STRs Total = VCA fader for Kontakt strings library.

BTW, thank you so much for report this issue to Steinberg.
But are you Steinberg Tech?