Cubase12 Plugin crash

I working with cubase12 pro.
In my Projects the Effekt plugs Dynamik compressors and multi compressors Not working .
Once i opend IT they are Not working and i cannot Close them

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are the plug-ins not working, or are they crashing Cubase, please?

If they are not working, what exactly does it mean?

Hi Martin.
I updated my Version from 52 to 60.
Now the plugs are workin. But now there is weird Bug.
When i working on my Tracks and they are running and i click with the Cursor from drum to Bass for example, there IS a short Break for a second. So every time i click with the Cursor on any Track there IS this short Break.
You have any Idea?


This is because the newly selected track becomes Record Enabled, so it switches to the real-time processing.

In the Preferences you disable the automatic Record Enabling once you select the track.

Dear Martin
Thanx Lot. Super easy.
Every day ist to learn stuff

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Hi Martin.
I have one more .
When i working the master Chanel strip and using a dynamic Plug, IT does Open but than i can Not Close IT anymore or delet the plug.
You have any ideas


Could you be more specific, please?

Do you mean the Channel Strip plug-in, or do you mean an Insert effect? Which plug-in exactly are you talking anout, please? What do you mean by “open”? Do you mean to open the GUI of the plug-in? How do you try to close it? What happens, if you try to close it?

Hi Martin.
Only some of the Insert Effekts are freakin when Open them and try to Work in IT. For example the multi compressors. But Not all them. And ITS only in the master Chanel.
I Had IT in the other Chanel too but than i updated from Version 52 to the Last 60 and since than the chanels Insert Effekts working fine.
So If i Open the Effekt and try to Work in IT nothing IS workin. No presets No Parameters, No closing.
And on top i cannot delet them for a better one. Once If i Open the multi compressors ITS there and do nothing. I can Not Change IT for a better one. Later i can send you a more specific list of the plugs Not working
Thanx Dude


So everything is OK now, right?