Cubase12Pro delay?

I hear a long delay when recording audio. I have tascam144 with normal latency, even with shortest layency I here a delay. Its something like 0,1s as it seem. I used Cubase 11 Elements before and did not hear a dealy. I have tried to restart with factory settings, it did not help.
I have tried 2 different microphones and its the same.

Hi Rolf, what are the exact latency values ?

It might be a good idea to post at least some general system specs (Mac/Windows at a bare minimum).

Are you sure you have the proper (nearly 12 year old) ASIO driver selected?

I had one of these interfaces and quickly realized it sucked donkey balls.

Aaaaaaanny…way …

If you say it was working fine with Elements 11 and not working with Pro 12 something must have changed. Is this the same computer with no other changes other than different Cubase versions?

Too many variables to make a more educated guess at this point.

All I can say is … it might be time to look for a new interface because that one, yes, sucks donkey balls! :rofl:

Sorry, I’ll get me coat … :woozy_face:

I have a new computer win10, its much faster than the old one with cub11, I can get you the specs .I dont have these in my head.
But its possible what I am heareing is the difference between input and output latency, this is 20ms. I have been doing some music successfully with cub11 and I am doing a online-course for cubase to learn more about the basics so forgive my ignorant questions. I think the input and output latency should be the same, around 5ms but in my case they are different. I dont know how to change these individually, I can only change the settings for the tascam latency from normal to high etc… PLEASE BARE WITH ME

You’ve got 25ms latency so you will hear it. What other options does the tascam have? Does it have a low latency setting? Normal latency is probably ok for mixing but not recording. Most drivers have a setting in samples so I haven’t seen this way of showing it before.

The UR144 has a hardware mixer for monitoring during recording.
Upper row of dials, the left one.

I got it now, I have started to use multibandcompressor in cubase, and this is what gives me the hearable latence, when I use smartcomp or compressor or no compressor I dont hear it.
But you say normal latecy is to long for recording, thats important. I will lower this to lowest and see how it sounds. I have also ordered a SSL2+ inteface so I upgrade, this is very old stuff the tascam144. I did not fully understand ther last reply, I will do some thinking.

I get it you mean the upper left knob on my inteface, yes, thats important, but it seems ok now if I avoid the mulibandcompressor.

Thanx again!

You can blend between the input of the interface without latency (hardware routing without fx) and the playback from the DAW.
If you do your monitoring with the DAW, the DAW will always introduce latency, sometimes that short that it is no problem, but sometimes too long for easy singing or playing.

That is only valid in the input and monitoring chain of the signals you’re trying to record.
You can add everything to the playback, that doesn’t affect the recording latency.