Cubase13: No Audio after Soloing Track with reassigned Output

  1. Open a Project
  2. Set one of your Audio tracks to “No Stereo Output”
  3. Press play for a few seconds, then stop
  4. Select track with “No Stereo Output” and Solo it
  5. Set selected track to “Stereo Out”, leave it soloed
  6. Press Play

What should happen:

You can hear the soloed audio track playing normally.

What instead happens:

The track is not audible.

When I unsolo the track in question and then immediately re-solo it, the audio is audible normally. This must be some kind of glitch/weirdness with the internal audio routing.

Video of the issue:

Hi there. Just thought I’d ask, have you checked to see if your Stereo Out is muted?
Only when you solo the track, and it has no output or send, then only that specific track will be in solo (stereo out will be muted), hence why you have to press solo again after reconnecting to the stereo out.
It’s worth a check anyway.

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You were right, the stereo out was muted!

But then why is it muted when I solo a track that has no Output assigned? Is that normal behavior?

Thought that might be the case.
I’m not sure why, but I imagine it’s to do and the code that links certain parameters with signal flow. Group tracks behave in the same way, so it’s the norm in Cubase.

Yeah, this is proper behavior. When you solo a track only its direct path will be soloed. So, if when it was soloed Stereo Out wasn’t part of that path, it will be muted along with everything else. Stereo Out is just another bus, afterall

Yeah, it seems like it. Sorry I was ringing the alarm bells at first. Seems after more than 20 years of using Cubase, I still find new quirks and things I would have never notived before scratching head