Cubase4 & Creative Elite Pro Soundcard

The problem seems to be that, although there are numerous physical audio inputs in this (piece of crap) soundcard - including digital ones - the only one available inside Cubase is the main Stereo In. Since the soundcard set up also only allows one recording selection at a time, you can only use either the digital input, the internal Wave Synth, or whatever else you plug in one at a time. So its impossible to process the different physical inputs on the soundcard separately (for eq, fx, etc) inside Cubase.
Or am I missing something?
If I am NOT missing something, then what is a REALLY good soundcard for handling multiple inputs that actually has them all available in the VST connections window when you create busses? A breakout control box would also be nice.

Just on page two of this sub forum there is a discussion that may interest you.