Cubase4 & Step Input

When using step input from a keyboard, Cubase4 seems to have a very inconvenient system: You have to keep changing the note values, quantizing step, and/or repositioning the step cursor. With changing note values, or complex rhythms, this can really be awkward.
The old Logic sequencer allowed you to set the minimum note value needed, and then to add increments to the note value while the note on the keyboard was held down by using the keyboard pedal as many times as necessary - and it would step the cursor to the correct position as you did it.
Is there any way to get Cubase4 to do something like this to make step input faster and more convenient? Is there any way to streamline keyboard step input so that it is more like playing the notes (not talking about recording a midi performance to a metronome)? Constantly adjusting step input note values & quantizing is not efficient.