Cubase4 strangeness

I have just noticed that if I save a project with the arrange window minimized, when I open the project again next time, it appears to hang with the only element appearing: the minimized arrange window. If I then restore the arrange window, then everything is ok, and the entire project with all its elements loads properly.
Has anyone else experienced this in Cubase4 or should I be looking for PC problems?

Are you saying the project doesn’t load? If I save with the window minimized, when I open again it’s still minimized. Project plays and anything I’m monitoring live plays.

Hi mashedmitten,
I can’t tell if the project loads because, if I save with the arrange window minimized, then the arrange window (still minimized) is the only thing that appears when I try to load the project. All the other elements of the project (including transport) are not there. But, if I then restore (un minimize) that arrange window, the rest of the project (as it was saved) starts to appear as if loading. After that, everything is fine. This only happens if I save with the arrange window minimized. If I save when the arrange window is ‘up’, then everything loads normally the next time.
This incident might be the only time I ever did save a project with the arrange window minimized, so I never noticed this before.

Can’t repro then. I open Cubase with a PW minimized, the Transport, Mixer, VST Connections etc. show. Are you sure the main Cubase window has focus? What if you just click on the Cubase desktop?

Hi again,
Here is how it is more exactly.
When I saved the project, the arrange window was minimized, along with many VST instruments, inserts, etc. The only visible windows were the mixer, and the score, and (of course) the transport. When I re launch Cubase, the loading box appears and seems to do the normal thing, but the only elements that appear are the transport, and the minimized arrange tab at the bottom. If I hit play on the transport, it plays whatever it is supposed to, but there is nothing to see. If I restore the arrange window, then all the minimized tabs appear at the bottom, and also so does the mixer and score.
If I save the project with the arrange window not minimized, then it loads normally, reproducing things exactly as they were saved. Strange!
There is focus on the entire Cubase window, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference one way or the other.
Are you trying to replicate this with Cubase4, or a newer version?


Just to be precise:
Where I said ‘arranger window’ I hope it was clear I was referring to what the manual calls the ‘project window’. When I save with the project window minimized, then the strange load happens the next time I try to open the project. Also, the nature of the problem is not really an incorrect load exactly. It is just that nothing else appears until the minimized project window is first restored. When I do that, everything else then appears normal. This seems like something so much Cubase related and not the OS that I am surprised you can’t duplicate it.

Hi mashedmitten,
Are you running WinXP? I did a search of this topic (not on Steinberg forums - but Google) and found some mention of window sizing problems with Cubase when run on Windows OS’s. While the complaints were not exactly like mine, they did indicate some anomalous behavior with sizing Cubase windows that was similar, i.e., the sizing of one Cubase window affecting another.
I guess I will just not save projects with the project window minimized and that’s it.

Yeah, XP. The window sizing issues refer to the constant re-sizing of the Project window (Restore Down from Maximize when opening child windows like the Mixer and Plugin GUI’s if not set to Always on Top.

I asked a question twice, but you seem not to answer for some reason.

O sorry if I missed the questions.
The Cubase window has focus, but that doesn’t make any difference either way.
Clicking on the desktop makes no difference either; the only thing that brings up all the other visible windows and minimized icons is to first restore the project window - nothing else has an effect. The transport panel, however, is also there and it works, i.e., it plays whatever settings the project was saved with even before I restore the project window and get everything else visible.

Hi again mashedmitten!
While the last answers I gave to your questions were correct, there is more to be said. IF, during the load when only the minimized tab for the project windows appears, I click on the windows task bar (losing focus on Cubase), and then click on Cubase (bringing focus back), all the items appear as they should and the project window stays minimized.
This is a different effect from when I restore the minimized project window because, when I do that, the project window comes back with the wrong size.
All of these different workarounds (save with the project window up, restore the project window when the load hangs, or change the focus and back), are not really a problem to get started working. I just wanted to know if anyone else has anything like this or not. Even if you cannot duplicate it, I am not sure it means something is wrong, but may just imply the Cubase flakiness with window sizing may act differently on my machine. I really don’t have a clue at this point.
And again, I am sorry if I didn’t answer your questions directly. I find this particular behavior in Cubase difficult to describe - with all the different causes and effects.

Hello Midiman,
When I save my projects, both the project window and the Cubase window are minimized. This is the only way I can work with Cubase on 2 monitors. The Cubase window has to be minimized to be able to stretch it across both screens. The project window has to be minimized to be able to stretch it across just the one screen. If either are maximized, I cannot do this. When I power back up, both scenarios are exactly as I left them. I make templates of my projects so that I can call them up to specific order when I need them. All the minimized versions come up perfect every time. I am on Vista Business 64 with Cubase Studio 5 at present but have been successful with Cubase Studio 4 on XP Professional 32 as well. If you are having problems with the window sizing as mentioned, it seems to be specific to your system. I’m just specifying that Cubase is not culprit with all users in this case.