Cubase5 le

hey guys i know this cubase5 is old but really does a fine job in recording. im using this in my laptop windows 10 home addition, my question. is why cant i get the DAW to see the addictive keys ? i have tried just about everything that i have seen in forums. (did all the checking paths and making sure the dll files are in the right vst folders)running out of hope. i have addictive drums on it and see’s that one just fine. AK is 64bit and i think cubase 5 LE is 32 bit ? could this be a problem ? AD is also 64bit but that one wotks fine and cubase5 see’s it fine.
maybe someone can think back in thier first days of cubase and come up with a solution…

I’m surprised that you were even able to install Cubase 5 LE… if I recall correctly, it had a Windows version check in the installer.

And, yes, of course you won’t see 64-bit plugins in a 32-bit DAW. There are bit bridges which make it possible to use 64-bit plugins in 32-bit DAW and vice versa though. One is jBridge.

ok thanks . i will try that… but why does the addictive drummer work ? that is 64bit ? they are the same XLN audio ?

No idea, but, you can find out if you are using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Cubase LE 5, by clicking on Help in the application menu, and then choose “About Cubase LE”, or something similar.

You can also see in the Windows task manager whether or not you’re running Cubase LE in the 32-bit or 64-bit version.

ya thank you for that info ! its running 32 bit. i emailed XLN to see if they have a 32bit AK. if not my only options would be to either try jbridge or upgrade to cubase 7. dont really have the cash right now…