Cubase6 32bit on windows7 64bit

Hi All

I have had some problems with a W7 C6 installation, mainly I think due to a new MSI motherboard which didn’t like my UAD-1 cards and am currrently using C6 on XP with my old machine. I am exchanging the motherboard (in the new machine) for an Intel one(which I’ve always used without problems in the past), however is it worth changing my w7 32bit installation to W7 64bit but loading C6 32bit, will this still take advantage of the extra memory available in W7 64bit. I don’t particularly want to go to C6 64 bit yet, or maybe someone has thoughts on that too.

NEW machine
Intel i7 3Ghz
Intel SmackOver DX58SO Motherboard w/A8 + LK + FWa + SATA2 RAID
6Gig RAM
2 x 1.5TB Samsung Hard drives
Mackie Onyx 1640i interface

All thoughts will help



Hi, you’ll get some benefit running 32bit on W7 64 bit, but you will still be limited to 4gig ram for Cubase. The advantage will be you will get the whole 4 gig as opposed to the 32 bit OS where the system is using some of the memory and you are actually ony getting about 2.5 gig of ram available to Cubase.
It will also be good for any vsti’s because you can install 64 bit versions and they have a lot of memory to load smaple into, but you will need to bridge them to the 32 bit Cubase using Jbrodge or something of the like, or VEPro etc.

If you load a 32 bit program on a 64 bit OS, you will still only get the 32 Bit available for memory.

I went all 64 Bit about 4 months ago, right on the edge of seeing enough reviews that said people really liked it and it was stable. I’m glad I did now. It took a little while to figure out the 32 bit plugins and VSTi’s, and the best way to bridge them.

But once I figured it out, it’s been rock solid since then. Plus, since I transitioned, 4 of my major plugs / VSTi’s have released 64 Bit versions as well. I feel safe now in recommending that everyone go 64 bit if they can. Even if the majority of their plugins are still 32 Bit.


I’m running both mainly because I have a few instruments in Reason I like to use via rewire so I record in 32 bit then mix 64, but I’m using reason less and less because 64 bit is so much better in regards to system resources. I’m thinking of ditching Reason all together unless Propellerheads decide to come into 2008.