cubase6.5 Win 7 64 bit project can open in Win XP 32 bit?

I just want to learn,
is there anyone who can assist me with correct answer,
Cubase 6.5 Win7 64 bit project
can it open in Wn7 32 bit/ Win XP 32 bit as well
or any project created with Win XP 32 bit
can it open with Win7 64 bit?
Thanks for your opinion

Cubase 6 is not officialy compatible with Windows XP. So, nobody knows, how it will works on your machine. This is just lottery.

Generaly, there is no problem to switch between different system. I transfer my projects from Windows to Mac OS X quite often – no problem here. If you transfer from 32 to 64-bit (or vice versa), it depends on installed 32/64-bit plug-ins.


Im going to upgrade soon,

As far as I understand, any project from Cubase SX3 on, can be opened in current Cubase versions.
(This is why you have to open earlier projects, than that, in Cubase SX3 and resave them.)