Cubase6 and RME FFUC multitrack problems, noob help!


Just got a new Fireface UC, and Cubase 6, before this i was using a presonus Firepod, and
Cubase LE, so i’m having some trouble now.

This is probably super easy but for some reason i can’t get it to work.
Basically all i want to do is be able to record 4 channels simultaneously in C6.
But I can’t figure out how to get C6 to recognize the different channels
on my FF UC (USB V) – all i can get to come up now are channels 1 & 2.

Please help, this is very frustrating.


please help

It´s in the manual and explained here thousands of times before:
-Choose correct ASIO driver
-connect device ports to Input busses
-Select correct input bus on track
Which of the steps explained in the manual don´t work for you…?

Thanks for the info.

I’ve been using Cubase LE a very old version for a very long time, its a lot different in 6, but thx for the
advice, up and running now.