Cubase6 Full Screen keeps Minimizing

Every time I click anything my Full Screen jumps to the small Screen and I have to keep Re-Maximizing and after 500 time its starting to get old how do I stop the screen from jumping every time I need a Vst or Effect or mixer or look at something for a second Please is there any help on this issue

Leave it unmaximised, but drag it to full screen size.

Ooooo !!! alright!!! Thank you Rod Staples

The other option is to use ‘always on top’ for every window. Right-click on an empty spot in for instance the mixer to enable it.

Thanks guy’s nether Remedy’s are working. I think it’s because The Screen I have my PC Tower hooked up to is a
Flat Screen TV VIZIO 65” (64.5” Diag.) Edge Lit Razor LED HDTV some other web page’s don’t fit 100% as well so I think I need to go back to my 24" Monitor which well take some getting use too my tracks are 2" wide and well 30 something inches long Ill se if that fixes the problem when I get back leaving at first light in the morning going to Blytheville Arkansas Thanks any way you guy’s are cool for trying to help others in need P E A C E

Does it also lose focus? I was having this issue. There was some other task that kept stealing the focus. I believe it had to do with my wireless network adapter. Prevented the process from starting up and the problem went away.

Use msconfig to temporarily prevent startup items from starting and see if the problem goes away.


No it dosent loose focus and when I use my cubase I have to run as administrator or drum loops wont drag to my Event track I also no matter what I do I cant listen to any loops before I import them

Thanks guy’s nether Remedy’s are working

I suspect you aren’t doing the correctly. You main program window can be maximised or not…doesn’t matter.
Then your arrange window should not be maximised but dragged to the size you want…this is the one that keeps changing when you don’t want it to, yes?