Cubase7 edu, windows10, no dvd deck..

Hi all,

Kind of lost, also since English isn’t my first language and I don’t understand all the information incl a lot of specs…

I own the Cubase7 edu version, worked perfectly fine. New device (Surface pro, windows 10), has no dvd deck for installation. But I also need an upgrade for windows10. The box says ‘free update to current version’ (no idea?), but also no problem to pay… just don’t know where to find the right product and how to install.

I know I sound like a dumbass but perhaps someone can help me with the right order of doing things so I can use Cubase again…?

Thanks! I’ll remove the topic afterwards.

Some possibilities come to mind very quickly…

  1. get a computer with a drive and copy the install files to a USB stick…
  2. get someone with a computer with a dvd drive and ask him to copy the install files to a USB stick for you
  3. Get an external DVD drive
  4. go to the Steinberg page and download the installer disc ISO files.

Thanks! If I can install 7 in windows 10 that would be an option. But I would need an upgrade anyway I guess, so I don’t know if it’s necessary to install 7 in the beginning?

I’m gonna try anyway

Ah you want to update to Cubase 10? Because you wrote „windows 10“.
Then you need to download the Cubase 7 license, which will then automatically be updated to a Cubase Pro 10 license, and you can install cubase Pro 10 directly.

Aaah really… yeah well I don’t necessarily wánt Cubase 10, but Cubase 7 doesn’t seem to be compatible with Windows 10. So I think I nééd to update. I will try this, thanks!