Cubase8 will not start anymore


I upgraded to Cubase Pro 8 last week. Have started it a few times to get familiar with it. Yesterday I was messing around with the chord track and arpeggiator. Got a groove going and had a good time with it. When I saved it and should close down the program it got stuck. All windows closed but the top bar remained on screen from Cubase. I could not klick on any of the menues in it and i the devicehandler in windows 10 it said that Cubase was not responding. So I forced windows to shut down my PC. Now today when I try to start Cubase again it will not get past the loading splash screen. It just freeze at the part “Initializing: All MIDI Inputs”. Windows task manager shows it as “not responding”.

What should I do now?

I just got this today… can’t think of any system changes (that I did…). Not sure how to proceed.
Anyway, you aren’t alone. Let’s see if this gets an issue log.