Cubase8pro to Cubase Elements compatibility

Hi everybody!
Few questions about Cubase compatibility.
I have Cubase Pro8 my new band mate wants to buy CubaseElements it is only for start, we do not know if we will play long or not, but at list we can work at the same DAW.Now she uses GargeBand.

So, questions are.

If i save the project in my cubase pro - can she open that project in Elements?
Do i have to use only plugins that has Elements?
I have Windows based PC, she has Mac, how we must save the project?
Or if i take all folder with all files inside it is enough?

Thank you!

She can open your project in elements. You can open her files in Pro.
She can only use plugins that is installed on her computer.
As far I know, there should not be any problem open a cubase file made on mac or PC on a different OS. The cubase file (.cpr) is the same.
Copy the folder with all files inside and you are good to go!

My producer/teacher uses Pro 8 so I bought Elements 8. I brought my song to his studio on a USB stick and it opened right up. I was sure not to use any plug-ins he doesn’t have.

Thank you guys for your quick respond!

I’m might be in a similar situation soon so I have two additional questions:

  1. If I own Pro licence, may I use it to run Elements version (for testing purposes)?

  2. If you use some Pro-only feature what happens when you open the project in Elements? For example, sidechaining or expression maps? Will sidechaining be audible when project is opened in Elements and will used expression maps be preserved (even if you can’t really see them in Elements) when resaving Pro project in Elements?

Thank you!

  1. no, unfortunally
  2. About sidechaining I think it will just play the track without it, As far I know, elements will not play your vari audio data, but I think it will play audio edited with elasique, it support playing, but not editing it. (correct me if I am wrong!)


Let us know what you find out.