CubaseLE8 > Zoom B3 pedal > Incompatible?

I recently bought a Zoom B3 and it came bundled with CubaseLE8.

Trying to record but I can’t get the two to work nicely together. The main problem is the device drivers. (everything is current downloads/updates)

In CubaseLE8,
If I set the device VST Audio system to :

A- Zoom series AISO, then I can hear my bass through the pedal>computer speakers. BUT, Cubase shows NO indication of it receiving the sounds. And it won’t let me select ‘zoom AISO’ in the input tab even though it is listed. ‘Not connected’ shows and I can’t change it (zoom shows in drop down right below it).

B- Generic low latency AISO, then I can play my bass through the pedal and see action on the ‘EQ’ bar. I can also record and see waves (very tiny ones), and if I play back it is VERY loud. But I can’t hear the bass through my computer speakers at all.

C- AISO4all v2, then I can’t hear my bass, I can’t see the EQ bar change at all and I don’t believe I got anything recorded either.


Win Pro 7
geforce gtx
24 gb ram

System is fine. All drivers updated, etc…

Why do companies bundle crap like this together and advertise it as something that works? Do you not get together first and make sure this stuff will even work?
It kind of burns me on both companies, I bought the Zoom and they advertise a program that isn’t compatible.
I try Cubase and it doesn’t work either yet I get spammed with upgrade messages, why the hell would I do that, IT DOESN’T WORK.

Further more, if I have to see an advertisment every other time I open Cubase I’d rather use Audacity.


If you cannot select the Zoom ASIO driver, then there is an error on the Zoom’s driver side. Please, ask them for help.

Lol, Figures.

Your program won’t let me access their driver (that is in the list) so it’s up to ME to get them to fix it.

Great work.

They told me it’s YOUR problem and I needed to contact YOU to fix it.

You both are involved parties bundling your items together and yet neither one of you knows the problem exists, did you ever TRY the compatibility? Trouble shoot problems.

I can run my Zoom into Audacity with NO problems and NO set up and it records fine.
---------email from Zoom ------

Thanks for the response. If the issue is only occurring in Cubase, I would recommend contacting Steinberg customer support. It should be compatible with the software so they can help you find a solution.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Good to have to be the go between for two companies who supposedly work together.

Do I get paid for this?

If this is your idea of customer support why would anyone choose to buy an upgrade license.

Audacity is freeware and works fine.

Meh, screwing with this two days and horrible support.

Uninstalled, won’t ever consider a Steinberg product again.

Zoom B3 works fine with freeware DAW, what a joke.