Cubases 11 Crahes


My Cubase 11 is crashing… the session won’t open and I don’t know where to send the crash log.
Deactivate 3rd party plugins won’t do for me, because I don’t know what’s causing the problem.

Steinberg support and site UX needs serious improvement guys!

Where should I send the crashlog?

Deactivate third party plugs. If project opens it’s a plugin issue. In this case make a note of all the plugins that weren’t loaded on the project as the rogue plugin will be one of them. Go through each of them using the rule of halves to speed up the process and isolate the plugin.

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What’s the rule of halves?

I know it’s a plugin issue, but there’s too many to go through each of them…

I don’t understand why we can’t the crash log… If the issue is set on the crash log, why aren’t we able to see it?

And I don’t even know where to send it because steingberg site is so bad

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I had the exact same issues and frustration. Check my recent posts. I agree.

Trust me. Quickest way is to do what I said. You’ll have fixed it before support even hey back to you.

Rule of halves thing is when you have selected which plugins you used in the crashing project, move them to another folder out of the vst/vst3 folder. And then move only half back into Cubase. If it doesn’t crash it means they were fine. Keep doing the half thing until you find it. It speeds up the process this way. If it still crashes then you know it’s one of the plugins in that first half. Split those up and keep repeating.
It’s really tedious but there’s no other option. Steinberg told me the crash report doesn’t always show issues and that they can’t help that.

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Well… I just took a look into the plug-ins I usually don’t use, and there was a transient shaper from softube that was causing the crash. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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