Cubase's Automation Feature

Hello Everyone,

I’m curious about a feature in Cubase related to automation. Specifically, I’m wondering if it’s possible to right-click a knob or any tweakable parameter and have it appear directly in the automation lane, similar to a feature in Ableton. In Ableton, after tweaking a parameter, you can right-click it and select to have it displayed in the automation lane directly in the track arrangement view. This method is a real time-saver as it avoids the need to manually search through the automation list for the specific parameter.

Does Cubase offer a similar feature? I’ve tried right-clicking knobs and parameters, but I haven’t found this option. Any insights on whether this is possible in Cubase or not?

Thank you all.


hmm, good question, not that i´m aware of

there is a function that shows all the written automation on the current (selected) track, you can assign a hotkey to that function.

there is also the option to show all used automation in the whole project which is very useful imho

in regards of the right mouse click, many plugins actually use the right click already for plugin internal functions.

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Thank you so much.
I kind of figured out a way to do it, and I just found out this now by accident. Actually, within a track, if I enable the “W” button, which activates write automation, I discovered that if I play the track and tweak the knob I want to automate, it automatically creates an automation lane. This means there’s no need for me to manually add a new lane or search for the specific parameter name.

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Exactly. I was going to ask how were you planning to add the automation, but all figured out I see :slight_smile:


To add:
Cubase generally offers to display a parameter’s automation lane on right-click but it requires the plugin to support it as well. Most plugins don’'t do this. If you want to see it in action use a Cubase stock plugin and right-click any parameter.

Other DAWs have this functionality built in independent of the plugin.

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Hey there :slight_smile:

In the Automation Settings there is a point named “Reveal Parameter on Write”.
Put the Track/PlugIn into write mode, touch the parameter you want to automate and the corresponding automation lane will just pop up.
Very handy, I use this all the time.


The automation panel is always a good place to treat automation settings.