Cubase's Controller Lane Appearance

So I’m considering upgrading to Cubase 9.5 Pro (from 8 Elements) and I got my hands on a trial. But there’s one very annoying thing about the new controller lane. The little handles for editing the data have gotten bigger from 4x4 pixels to 6x6 pixels. As a result, making finer adjustments is now more difficult.

The following image illustrates this issue. (Cubase 8’s colors have been changed to match 9.5’s)

Is there a setting to change this? If not, what are the chances of this getting fixed?


In the Automation setup, you can set the reduction. Try to set it up it reduces less.

Sorry, my trial is of Cubase Elements but I’m planning to upgrade to the Pro version of it. The automation panel is only available in Pro.

Are you certain this works in the key editor? “Reduction” sounds to me like it’ll hide some data instead of making the handles smaller.

Sorry, now I was reading your post carefully.

No, you can’t set these nodes size in Cubase, sorry.

It seems they made this tweak to make grabbing the nodes with the mouse pointer easier. It doesn’t take much zooming in on the area before fine adjustment on busy automation lines like the one you show becomes easier.

Of course, zooming in allows for greater precision but why can’t we just hide them all together? You can’t do ramps with them right? You can’t do live curves like automation clips do. They should hide automatically when using the pen tool.

I just saw Logic Pro’s controller lane, and it supports ramps instead of steps. Why don’t we have that?

You can use common automation lanes (with the curve) and automate MIDI CCs in the Project window. Then you get “common lines”, not MIDI CC dots.