Cubase's evil : 12/8 signature ...

Hey there, I’m an old Cubase user (since Pro 24) and today, 21st century, 2016,
I can’t stand anymore to fight with the key editor when using 12/8 signature.
The LINES ARE WRONG. 12/8 or 6/8 or 9/8 are NOT binary stuff.
Each beat is naturally divided in 3 by eights notes. 12/8 means: 12 eights notes dividing each beat in 3.
So, 12/8 is a 4 beats bar(4X3) NOT 6 (6X2) like displayed in the key editor.
What a shame , we are so pampered in the space part of music by great sound designer
and in the time part we have to sob on this lack of programmers who, indeed, don’t know
much in ternary music. Or tell us why it is so hard to do.
In fact the bold lines of the editor should be every 3 steps instead of 2 and the boldest lines
every 4 beats instead of 6 . Very uncomfortable … !!! I don’t tell you with the click beating the eights
instead of the dotted 1/4 … and the trick of the 3/8 … when it works !!!
Come on Steiny push this evil away and give us the opportunity to make this kind of music with the
comfort it deserves. Jazz, blues, shuffle grooves should have been written in 12/8 or 6/8 but musicians
were not educated for in the 40s.

Come on lets repair the thing … please, even a plugin or a line editor will do .
Thanks for your understanding.

+1. At very least, it would be great to have an optional template that one could feed Cubase in order for it to figure out the subdivisions of a measure.

Hey, agreed, anything just to get out of this !!!
Should we make a list of applicants , why not here ? Just sign in … !!!

Hi, finally I’ve find a way to make the reading “possible” for 12/8 signature
In the key editor. Just set the time signature on 3/8 then there’ll be a bold line
every 3 eights notes and a semi bold line 2 after. Of course each bold line represent
a bar for Cubase instead of a beat. You have to think to divide the bar number by 4 if
you need it. The quantize field can be set on 8 or 16.
You’ll have to restore the 12/8 signature when using the score editor if you need it
since it works correctly .
Here it is and if you have better ideas, thanks to communicate…

I have had to resort to this very thing in the past. For now, it looks like the only viable solution. Of course, one needs to go back to the score (assuming one is used) and renumber all the measures.

No need to renumber the bars in the score, just reset the signature from 3/8 to 12/8 and
you get the right bar numbers. I’ve found nothing concerning the metronome beating the eights…