Cubase's External Effect Routing.....

Hi all,

Just curious, if anyone is using Cubase’s External effect routing …and if so, how do they like it?

Also, is it possible to run mic preamps through this and would this add any benefit as far as “reamping” stuff to add some warmth or color?

Just thinking out loud really and hopefully some people will chime in with experience with this,


Haven’t tried mic pres, but all of my compressors are outboard and, after you set it up, it works great–compensating for delay of each device. I’ve found I need to adjust the input/output of each device in the plugin window in order for them to work at proper levels. My only gripe is that you have to either choose mono or stereo configuration for each device. i.e. If I have two mono compressors (like two Distressors), I have to either use them as stereo or two mono. If I first decide to use it stereo (for drums) and later mono (for bass), I have to reconfigure it in the external effects setup. Of course, you need enough analog ins/outs to have your outboard gear hooked up to your audio card.

You could do the same with mic pres, though you may need some sort of attenuation (a direct box) in your chain.

Thanks for the info

Let me ask you this, I build a lot of my own guitar pedals and 99% of them are mono. What’s the best way to say…feed both channels of a stereo channel (vst synth, for example) through a mono (pedal) effect in Cubase’s External Effect routing? I know this would turn a stereo track into a mono track but I would be okay with this from time to time. I have tried this before but it seems that I only get the effect on one channel of the stereo track.

I am sure it’s something simple but it was driving me nuts last time I messed with it.

I know this is a little off topic but I really want to be able to incorperate any/all hardware through Cubase’s External Effects routing if possible.

sum the stereo signal via your soundcard mixer (if available for your soundcard), or move the stereo audio to a mono track in Cubase, and use a mono external FX.

“move the stereo audio to a mono track in Cubase”

ha…duh, something that simple slipped my mind.

That being said, I would also want to tweak the effect in realtime. So I would probably need to send the vsti to a mono channel and record in realtime?


Does your peddle send/receive MIDI data?

No, these are just analog pedals like delays, flangers, mu-trons, etc.

If there are a few you use frequently, you could potentially use something like I do: I use a Nuendo (RME) 8 i/o, plug in all my analog gear and use the adat out to my sound card. That way, all my outboard gear is hooked up via adat and I still have all my analog ins/outs available on my sound card.