cubases midi out clock / musicio / gadget...

Hey peepz…

So I am fiddling with this new app called musicio… so i can use my ipad as a vst (effect, midi and audio via direct usb)

using live8, the timing is tight…
in cubase, everytime cubase loops back to the beginning, it eats some first notes (sort of shuffles the loop start, thus telling external midi to start at a planks distance from the first beat, thus not playing a first note and skipping a beat) - sometimes it plays fine for a loop or two, then it skips the start again…
timing is tight too from cubase, just eats some first notes in gadget… (first kick or other event at loop start of gadget)
this was using gadget as test plugin.

so my question:

How tight is cubases midi out clock? (since its fine in ableton) - could asio guard interfere with the midi out clock by having audio/midi latency discrepancies among eachother?
Was cubases midi clock ever updated? (with clock smoothing or whatever?)

Has anybody got a solid midi out clock from cubase into?

thanks for your input=)


Edit: asioguard does funny things to (sorta) complexly routed midi when recording it…(notes not timely in recording)

anybody here using ipad musicio app and cubase8x64 on windows7x64 that could do a quick test with me?