Cubase's sample loop packs are amazing

Don’t underestimate the loop packs that come with cubase. Like all sample packs they can be hit and miss, however on the whole, Cubase’s packs are phenomenal. Super high quality, and for all genres, ranging from dance, edm to hip hop, drill, orchestral and film scoring.

I have subscribed to all of the major players in sample libraries like splice etc and cubases built in packs often exceed these libraries. There are fewer samples, but of much higher quality, and really interesting unique timbres. Which is good as it saves time needlessly trawling through very banal sounds.

Combined with the sampler track, as well as Groove agent, cubase is a creative powerhouse.

I was often ‘envious’ of logic pro users, as apple are constantly updating and dropping incredibly high quality sound packs, however Cubase, in my opinion, have really kept the bar high too.