Cubase's wah wah effect changes EQ and ruin the sound

Is there a way to use Cubase’s wah wah effect without changing EQ and ruin the sound?

That’s a bit like asking if you can bake a chocolate cake with lemons and not have the lemons ruin the taste of the chocolate. A wah-wah effect is an EQ function.

You could try different positions in the effect chain though (i.e. Before or after gain) to see what sounds better to you.

Yes, but I don’t want the EQ to change before I start to mess with the wah-wah MIDI automation.

The wah-wah provided in Cubase is changing all the initial sound, at least when I tried to use it, that’s why I’m asking, I assume that can be avoided buy using in wisely.

You could automate it to turn on right when the automation starts and then automate it to turn off when you want.

Personally, after playing guitar for 22 years, and owning many wah pedals, I’ve never had one that didn’t effect the tone when it was engaged. Just the nature of the beast.