Cubase's "Windowing system"

Has anyone found a remedy to the annoying way that cubase handles windows ie:
-when the project window is maximized and you open an editor window the project window then shifts
-Many windows do not allow the “Always on top” mode and these are major windows such as the editors
-when you press anywhere outside cubase you can not see the windows that have the “Always on top” switched on
they dissappear or
-How many windows or hidden behind the project window
the whole thing becomes confused not a steady enviroment , it is a shame for such an old software that banners productivity first this is very unproductive -Steinberg i hope you are listening and please no more software synthesizers in your updates/upgrades we have tons give serious fixes such as this


  1. Yes, this is Windows problem, and virtual desktop of Cubase.

  2. It has no sense to have a possibility “Always on Top” of main window.

  3. You can find all opened (showen or hiden) windows in the Window menu.

use Window(1) menu.

Cubase rule number 1: Never EVER click the “maximize” button! If you want a window full screen (maximized) then pull the sides of the window out to the edges of the screen. BTW you only need to do that one time because Cubase always remembers the latest setting… just set it and forget it.

Again , this is too inapropriate for such a software so old and expensive and dare i say “mature”
and i’m not talking about the main window please read my post carefully
the “Always on top” mode should be given as an option for all windows in the preferences panel
and shouldn’t be affected if you click anywhere outside cubase
the end resault is that you have an unstable enviroment where you work inducing confusion this is so unproductive

If only all windows were designed using the same development environment.

Yeah, should, shouldn’t… It’s been like this for ages - that doesn’t mean it’s OK, but you have to work with what you get. Like Stealth said: Never maximize your main (=project) window and you’re good to go.

I solved some of these issues by using workspaces.

for example in my first workspace I have the project window maximized, then in second workspace I have the mixers, 3rd workspace the pool with project and so on. so instead of opening and closing the main windows I just switch/change the workspaces when I need to access them.

Yeah, sometimes this MDI (multiple document interface) approach of Cubase gets into a mess. Switching between child windows you often need, like the mixer, opened VST editors, piano rolls etc., can get really awkward. OK, the mixer is reachable using the hotkey F3 but what about the VST editors and piano rolls? I use a resolution of 1920x1200 and still feel: not enough workspace. I like the usability concept of Ableton Live and think it is very intuitive, but the all-in-one-window-concept wouldn’t be suitable for Cubase.

Workspaces help on the “big” cubase but the Window Menu can help if you want to keep your project window maximized.

Always on Top (1): I once saw a thread, which I can no longer find but I think was in the old forum, from a Steinberg chap that explained why AOT is not implemented for editors - it was to prevent inadvertent editing in the wrong window. At the time I was often frustrated by this behaviour (and still am a bit) but I think this must have been a decision born of bitter experience. In other words, while we might not like the current state of affairs, Steinberg are protecting us from a worse one.

Always on Top (2): With the Mixer and VSTi/FX panels, I have (after much experimenting) found it most useful to keep these AOT (there is a Pref where you can make this happen for all by default and Shift-Click makes it happen as an over-ride).

Workspaces: These are great. You can save them globally and pull them into specific projects. You can have them ‘fixed’ or not, so they come back to wherever you were last. And you can get at them through keypresses. Big timesavers.

Maximise: It seems that if you maximise one, you maximise all, and there’s no easy toggle between (e.g. Ctrl-TAB), which is a shame. If there were, I think I would make more use of it.

Stretch to max: (or whatever you call it) works fine most of the time but on occasion scrollbars appear from nowhere and there are certain procedures, such as Flatten Chain, where new windows - and the one you were working on counts as new for some reason - are cascaded. This is the only time I am seriously bothered about window handling these days but I suppose, as someone has pointed out, that this a Windows intrusion and we will have to live with it until some genius comes up with a solution.

Ok, that’s my pennyworth, back to work…

I will agree that Cubase’s windowing system needs to be fixed or redone. As a part tome Logic user this has always been a sore spot to me…in addition to not being able to see sends and inserts on the mixer…no mixer undo…the mixer not scaling in height as more inserts are added (like in Reaper and Logic) which saves space on smaller screens.

I kinda always thought the development team at Steinberg either needs new direction (leadership wise) or they really need to fix some of these log term issues. I think the problem is that fixing these things aren’t as flashy from a marketing perspective as “New Synths”.


Totally agree with this. The one major thing leaving Steinberg in a perpetual ‘catch-up’ mode is this narrow-minded “we’ll decides what’s best for our customers” approach. If an AOT option is provided then at least users have the option to enable/disable.

Amen to that. There are a bunch of things that need fixing, that wouldn’t take too long to do, but they’re too busy introducing crap that no-one asked for instead! The debate over the expandable mixer/flexible view was had on the old forum many times, and some good ideas came out of the debate. What have we seen of them? Nothing!

+1, put new synths to trash and make decent working windows right for our money