CubaseSX 1.x 32bit with Windows7Ultimate 64bit

Is there any way to make CubaseSX 1.x 32bit work on a PC running Windows7Ultimate 64bit?
My PC that currently has CubaseSX 1.x installed on, has 1GB memory and uses WinXP. But I also have a PC that has 6GB of memory but is a 64bit processor running Windows 7Ultimate. Obviously I would like to use Cubase with the latter, any ideas? If anyone can let me know if that’s possible I can explore the notion further. I have tried launching it on Virtual PC from within Win7 but couldn’t get any sound.

Using Virtual PC for a DAW isn’t really a smart move. Have you tried to run Cubase in native W7? If so, what was the result?

I’ve tried loading CubaseSX 1.x with the native Win7Ult64, but the install reaches the same point in the file download before returning an error message box “‘CUBASESX has stopped working’.Windows is checking for a solution to the problem’. Then a second box appears that reads CUBASESX has stopped working’. ‘A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.’”
When I say it reaches the same point in the file download I mean that at the bottom of the ‘Initializing Cubase SX’ loading box in small type next to: initializing: it starts with: Protection, then says recourses then VST Plugins and MIDI etc before stopping when ‘Pentium IV Optimized Data type Converters (I<__>f)’ is being initialized. That is when the two Error boxes pop up. Don’t know if that is significant in determining what is causing the program not to load.

Have you tried to run it in WinXP or Win2000 “compatibility mode”?