Cubasis 1.2 available!

Hi all,

In this update we focused on making the app rock-solid. The next update will contain new features we are already working on. Stay tuned!

New in 1.2:

CB-980 Cubasis now supports up to 24 physical inputs giving you the possibility to record up to 24 audio tracks simultaneously!
CB-1037 New information overlay for UNDO/REDO operations.
CB-1022 Effect windows will now open immediately after they have been inserted.
CB-123 The overall stability of the app has been improved.
CB-234 The Audiobus integration has been improved and many user reported problems have been solved.
CB-1018 Resolves a problem that occurred when undo and redo could lead to loss of audio data in some cases.
CB-1000 Loading a project that contains Audiobus tracks no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-1021 Recording audio tracks that are assigned to the microphone input of Audiobus work now as expected.
CB-1024 Virtual MIDI can now be chosen in the MIDI connections panel of the inspector (independent of connected hardware devices or MIDI network connection settings).
CB-996 Importing zipped Cubasis project files that contain audio data no longer lead to missing audio files.
CB-997 The overall level of an audio mixdown no longer differs from the master output level of a project.
CB-1027 Audio input settings can now be changed when working with audio interfaces that support more than two input channels.
CB-1028 A problem that appeared when trying to select an audio input using audio interfaces with more than eight input channels was solved.
CB-873 The VU meter of a channel in the mixer now reacts accordingly to the panner position.
CB-1014 UNDO and REDO operations after a track has been recorded no longer affect the input assignment of a track.
CB-1012 UNDO and REDO operations after a track has been recorded no longer affect the track naming.
CB-1003 UNDO changes within the audio editor no longer result in displaying partly invisible waveforms.
CB-1005 The pitch bend range of MIDI tracks that are routed to external apps will now be played back correctly.
CB-862 The MediaBay view now remains at its position after an item has been deleted.
CB-1013 Importing a Cubasis project file that contains a project name that already exists no longer fails.
CB-843 Solved a problem where the input metering displayed an incorrect value after an external audio device had been connected.
CB-994 Swipe horizontally over the MIDI channel numbers of the MIDI Connections to change the channel number.
CB-1012 UNDO and REDO no longer reset user-defined track names to its default name.
CB-816 An issue that occurred after copy-pasting events has been solved.
CB-879 It is now possible to record pitch bend on top of existing MIDI events.
CB-941 The order of tracks no longer gets mixed up when importing MIDI tracks.
CB-948 The pitch wheel no longer keeps its position when closing the keyboard/drumpads while being used.
**CB-992 ** A problem that occurred moving MIDI events that contained pitch bend data was solved.

you know what? u rock

Now thats excellent customer service. Thank you.

Looks like a good list of things that have been improved, added or just plain sorted to work properly.
Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the effort made since v1.1 but it’s sad that there is no sign of midi cc/program change and tempo/time signature track. Guess I will need to await the 1.3 update and hope this is addressed.

I will ask, though I highly suspect I will not get a direct answer… Are there plans to implement full mdi spec and tempo/time signature features?

Here’s hoping…

Stevo… :slight_smile:

Yes it would be nice to have extra bells and whistles, but if this delivers a rock solid platform, then that is good for me for now! Thanks.

A full Midi spec would have to also include SysEx. Don’t forget about SysEx. Program, CC changes are all 3 a must. 2nd on my list I would request the tempo track and step recording.

As we were waiting for Apple’s review of our app our QA detected a problem with the release version we had uploaded and we had to pull it down.
The good news is that our engineers have solved that problem and have updated Cubasis additionally with the latest Audiobus SDK that solves many additional Audiobus related bugs. We have uploaded this new version to Apple and are waiting for their review/approval. As I said earlier in the initial post, with this release we want to make Cubasis rock solid and that’s why we decided to pull the app down to fix those last minutes problems before the app gets to you. :slight_smile:

Good call, much appreciated.

Great news!

I’m very excited to see how we can use Cubasis to augment a larger DAW setup with Cubase.

I like my tablet for portability and the touch interface, but realize it’s just impossible to recreate a full setup on a tablet. Better as a creative tool for coming up with content/ideas to then later bring back to a project.

Glad you guys are on top of the stability and updates!

My intent is mostly live recording and frankly, I was hoping to NOT have to get one of those pocket mp3 recorders. Portability is so key . Adding the Alesis io dock is a goal since I can minimize cabling, once I can get to stereo mics, I’m probably done…love it so far and it really has performed well in live events. I can also say that the iPhone 5 video did a pretty darn good job with audio as well.

I did not know the process by which Apple approves your app. I was thinking that since it was 25 to 50 times the price of their usual app, maybe they would respond 25-50 times quicker.

Hi there,
From our past experience it takes about 7 days for Apple to get to review the app and it doesn’t matter if the app is free or paid.

Not too much longer to wait now guys. Of course, then we will be pushing for the 1.3 update :wink:

Hey looking forward to the update :smiley: have you concidered to include edit funktion Insert.also it would be nice to have timestretch included for the audiosamples?,
I find it impossible to do tthe fade out/in on the tracks its like it’s bad functioning!

As far as I can tell, Cubasis only supports 16-bit audio. This is a showstopper for me. I haven’t been recording in 16-bits for at least a decade.

I think that the Cubasis/iPad combination would be ideal as a scetchpad. But for this to be feasable, Cubasis must support bitdepths that are usable in Cubase.

Are there any plans to support 32-bit FP (ideally) or at least 24-bit audio?

ACE work looking forward to a stable app

What personally bugs me (no pun intended) is that updates to existing apps take as long to go through approval process with Apple as the newly submitted apps… WHY…?!
PS; My impatience to get my hands on Cubasis 1.2 is killing me, but than again, good things take time to develop :wink:
Anyway, thanks heaps Steinberg for supporting Cubasis and working on improvements and bug fixes so promptly - love it :slight_smile:

Hi all,

The update is now online!
Please don’t forget to update your Audiobus app too!

Absolutely excellent, this is going to be MEGA.

An chance of leaving the WiFi sever active when the app goes into background mode ?


It’ s not like I have nothing to do, but I did check routinely to see when the update would post. Yup, it is running very nicely on my iPad. I am really looking for an interface next and I am trying to maximize the portability and simplicity.
Will Steinberg be developing an iOS entry?

I really hoped the Alesis iO Dock was going to be updated sooner . That seems to grab my attention and appears to fit the portable, simple requirement.

Thank - you for a well-done job

Thanks for the update - time will tell regarding the overall stability, but i appreciate your efforts to develop and maintain this app.

However I have one issue to report that is not fixed. I previously had an issue with pitch bend not being moved with the rest of a track. This has been fixed so that dragging a track around also moves its associated pitch bend. However this has not been fixed for copy and paste. I created a short segment with pitch bend, then copy and pasted that to the next few bars - the notes were there but no pitch bend data!

Please can this be fixed asap.