Cubasis 1.7.1 maintenance update available now!


Cubasis 1.7.1 is available now. This is a maintenance update that targets user reported problems.
Here is the list of the improvements and solved problems.

CB-1284 Start button added to the mixdown popup
CB-1431 Solves a rare issue where triggering MIDI notes frequently on an instrument assigned via Core MIDI lead to hanging notes.
CB-1432 Fixes a rare phenomenon where MIDI port list popups appeared continuously.
CB-1433 Solves an issue where the attack and release values were reseted to their defaults when switching between projects.
CB-1434 Solves a rare problem where executing a mixdown of a project that contained IAA instruments lead to oversized audio files.
CB-596 Moving the pan fader while playback is running no longer leads to audio dropouts.
CB-1425 Executing a FLAC mixdown of the same project no longer overwrites the previous audio file without notice.
CB-1430 IAA audio file naming has been corrected to allow projects to be imported in Cubase without the need to locate IAA audio files manually.
CB-1294 MIDI events with a huge number of notes no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-1412 Corrects an issue where a wrong instrument was highlighted in the Media Bay after an instrument was changed in Microsonic.
CB-1414 The effect status in the inspector now gets updated correctly by tapping its edit button.
CB-1417 Fixes a rare phenomenon where switching instruments while playing could lead to hanging notes.
CB-1418 Solves the issue where tapping the panic button did not reset hanging notes of an IAA instrument app.
CB-1410 Switching projects quickly that contain IAA instruments no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-1279 The playable keyboard range now updates correctly after an instrument is changed.

Thank you for listening to the community and working hard to fix these issues. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we’re very grateful :slight_smile:

Any sign of a fix for audio ‘jumping’ whilst recording yet (Causing the recorded audio to fall out of time with the track gradually)?
My heart sank when I saw that it wasn’t on the list of fixed things.
It’s been mentioned a number of times on the forum but with no reply.

I’m really looking forward to Automation, but still won’t be able to use Cubasis as my primary DAW until this issue is fixed.

Many thanks

i second that.

Looking forward to these changes, but I also can’t record more than two or three tracks without the audio jumping issue. So for now, I’m limited to what I can do with Cubasis.

I second, second that! Can’t beginn any bigger projects until this is fixed. Also no mention about fixing those weird “cut noices” in audiocopied material. I’ve mentioned this before, with out any life signs from Cubasis support??

Is there any chance that you fix - or at least recognize - the serious “Sustain pedal bug”, that renders every midi recording of a pianist unusable?


Has the 1.7.1 Cubasis maintenance release been submitted to Apple?

Is there a chance that "CB-1431 Solves a rare issue where triggering MIDI notes frequently on an instrument assigned via Core MIDI lead to hanging notes." might be the fix for that?

Hello guys,

Regarding the jumps:

  • Which iPads and which iOS versions are you using?
  • Did you close all other apps that are not being used?
  • Did you choose low waveform quality in the tracklist, 44kHz and 16-bit?
  • How much free disk space do you have left? (the more the better)

Regarding the “weird cut noises in audio copied material”:
We need more information, could you please describe it more detailed? is it AudioCopy?

Hi Crohde,

Thanks for responding.

  • I’m using an ipad 2, with the latest version of iOS7
  • I have around 7GB of free storage space
  • I’ve closed all other apps
  • I’ve done a hard reset
  • I’m only using a few audio tracks and a couple of midi tracks
  • I’m using no IAA inserts
  • I’m using low waveform quality, 44hz and 16 bit

I’ve tried everything to record audio that doesn’t fall out of time and skip bits that I’ve recorded, but more often than not, there will be problems with the recording, especially if it’s a longer take.

The problem occurs using the built in mic, an interface via USB & CCK or internally via Audiobus or IAA.

No other DAW on iOS suffers with this problem at all (GarageBand, Music Studio, Auria etc) so I firmly believe that you can correct this problem via an update. If there’s a critical issue with CPU whilst recording, Cubasis should warn the user and halt recording, rather than continuing the recording incorrectly.

I really hope that you can fix this problem.

Many thanks

CB-1432 Fixes a rare phenomenon where MIDI port list popups appeared continuously.

This was super annoying and was happening frequently

Looking forward to the update!

Just getting to grips but I’ve been having a few issues with notes hanging & stuttering when midi is sent IAA to iSem & iMini - doesn’t seem to happen in GarageBand.

Hopefully it’ll land soon!

I’m using ipad2, ios7 with 5G of free space, 44 hz. Audiobus set to 512. All apps closed. Not using any plug-ins and no fx. After a percussion track, keyboard and 2 rhtymn guitars plugged directly, the problems start. I also don’t have the problem with Garageband; I’ve recorded up to 10 tracks and no problems. If this issue can be resolved Cubasis can be a great app. Till then I can’t use it for more than 2 or 3 tracks.


About the wierd noice. At firts I thought it had something to do with copied loops from Drum Loops HD (I’ve already described my copying process for you). But this noice also accures within Cubasis. Let’s say I record an acustic guitar piece on one track (using Focusrite Itrack), then duplicate it on the same track right after the original clip. When I did this before it sounded smooth but now there’s this weird cut noice (kind of a static sound) between the two regions. I’ve done this a hundred times before without any problems. Running the latest Cubasis on an Ipad2, with the latest ISO, 44,1, 9,3 G space with no apps running in the background

I’m sure you’re gonna fix these reported bugs and then again Cubasis will be the no 1 DAW on Ipad

You’re doing a great job, you know



Please take a look at the Cubasis MIDI CLOCK OUT. it doesn’t work with many apps … Drum Jam, Alchemy, NLog .

In Drum Jam it starts / stops but doesn’t lock to tempo or to bar starts…

Also please a way to move Cubasis projects between iPads via drop Box.

I really do appreciate all the update attention we’ve been getting! Thanks

1.7.1. is out now, in Denmark at least

Out also in the UK. Just downloading now… A great Christmas present from the guys at Steinberg! THANKS

In Italy O.K. Wow … Big Update … THANKS

Thank you so much for your commitment to the customer. Cubasis is amazing and incredible value for money.

Thank you!