Cubasis 1.7 "poofing"

Hi has anyone experienced poofing in Civasis 1.7 when using the Inter Audio feature? It occurs when you go to the synth that’s been wired in - the recording buttons disappear after a while leaving you unable to go back to Cubasis. Using iOS 7

Sounds like it’s crashing to me… what synth are you using? What version of iPad do you have? Does it happen every time? Can you repeat the problem? If so explain in detail so the developers can verify and fix the problem if it’s there.

“Poofing” is crashing - disappearing as in like as if it were a puff of smoke.

iPad 3 32gb. iOS 7.04. The rest will follow.

Hi Tech-dance,

Airyck is right, If you could please tell us step-by-step what you are doing it would be very helpful. Also what apps are you using via IAA?